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Sam Bradford Injury: Rams QB Misses Practice Thursday

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We're just a few days closer to the start of the Tom Brandstater era in St. Louis Rams football. Fitting, after watching the season crumble under the weight of expectations, very reasonable expectations of having a winning record and challenging for the NFC West title. Quarterback Sam Bradford did not practice again today, but the team is holding out hope that he may still be able to play on Monday night.

Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo left open the possibility of Bradford playing this week against the Seahawks. By resting the quarterback now, they hope that he can be ready with an extra day of rest. They will still try to get him some reps tomorrow or Saturday if possible.

Newly acquired Kellen Clemens did not make it St. Louis in time to practice today.

Chris Long, Fred Robbins and Quinn Porter did not practice today.

It has been suggested in a massacre of punctuation at that the Rams stick Bradford on injured reserve, shutting him down for the season and protecting him from the damage likely to occur behind the paper doll offensive line. On the surface it makes sense. Why risk the franchise cornerstone to further damage? That would definitely signal that the Rams have given up for the season. Also, more playing time wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing for a young quarterback, a career-ending injury is never more than a half second away in the NFL. Seems like a waste to me, unless he just can't physically perform on the field.