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TST Power Rankings: Week 14

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Deadlines! I barely got this out before the Thursday games started. Is it an NFL conspiracy against Turf Show Times and our wildly popular power rankings, which generate dozens of comments a month? But fret not, you can't keep us down!

Onto the rankings!

Team Doug Eric
Avg (+/-) Say What?

1 1



I know you're shocked I rank them this high... 12-0 isn't much to go on, but I'm a rebel! - Doug

2 2



It's crazy to think Drew Brees and the Saints offense are a dark horse in the NFC Playoffs - Eric
49ers 3 3



Their league leading D will carry them into at least the second round of postseason play - Doug
Steelers 4 5



You know you have talent when Mike Wallace becomes a #2 threat - Eric
Patriots 6 4



Their pass defense is so bad that the "Mighty Belichick" will have to spring into major dealer mode in the 2012 draft to land at least two instant defensive secondary starters. - Doug


5 6



If someone flips the horrible football switch again, this team could find itself in serious trouble down the stretch - Doug
Texans 7 7



TJ Yates really was the backup for Matt Leinart? I mean, Matt Leinart? Really? - Eric
Cowboys 8 9



They have to find an alternative to Tony Romo... They just have too! - Doug
Lions 9 8



With their division hopes lost, the Lions will need to finish strong to beat the crowded wildcard group. -Eric
Broncos 11 10



Doug thinks the defense is winning them games. But we know the X Factor is clearly…John Fox. Just kidding, it's Tim Tebow. If Tebow wins the Superbowl, I'm quite certain ESPN will spontaneously combust. -Eric
Bengals 13 11



This team is in the postseason in any of four NFL divisions that come to mind, just not in the AFC North - Doug
Giants 12 13



Played Green Bay down to the wire. They are still in the hunt for the post season, thanks to Philly stinking, Dallas stumbling, and Washington being Washington - Doug
Falcons 14 12



Without a doubt the most disappointing team this season. Sure, the "Dream Team" has many shaking their heads, but the Falcons mortgaged their future to accomplish absolutely nothing. Julio Jones need lots of work in the off-season, or the "Bust birds" will appear - Doug
Titans 10 18



Perhaps we should be calling him CJ.5K from now on? -Eric
Jets 15 14



It looks like the Jets will finally achieve Rex Ryan's guarantee of wining the super bowl…but only in Mark Sanchez' dreams. -Eric
Raiders 16 15



It's good to know that the Carson Palmer trade played out well for the Raiders. It's not like they gave up a ton for him or anything…-Eric
Bears 17 16



They'll be in the "Bottom 20" next week. Add a Hanie and subtract a Forte and you get zero - Doug
Chargers 18 19



Norv Turner will be on HotJ

obs the very second the season ends - Doug
Seahawks 21 17



Is this team really in the playoff hunt? I mean, the defense is great. But that's it. -Eric
Chiefs 19 20



Outside of having to play G.B, they could run the rest of the table and end up 8-8. Denver just finished the weakest part of their schedule and finish with Chicago, N.E., Buffalo and K.C, so if the go 1-3, they are 8-8... Could happen? - Doug
Bills 22 21



Fading, fading...poof! - Doug
Cardinals 20 25



You can't keep the Skeltonator down for long. - Eric
Dolphins 23 22



This impressive run may save Sparano's job. But do they really want that to happen? -Eric
Eagles 24 23



They are officially a team in name only... I pity the team that invests part of their Salary cap in DeSean Jackson. I wonder if they could put a "No Pout" Clause in his contract? - Doug
Panthers 26 24



They'll spend every draft pick they have in the coming draft on defensive players. They cut opponent's scoring by even 20%, and Cam Newton puts them in the playoffs in 2012. - Doug
Bucs 25 26



What is with this team being so up and down? One year, horrible. The next? Good. This year? Crap. I don't get it. -Eric
Browns 27 27



This is a team that has to live with being in the toughest division in the NFL - Doug
Redskins 28 29



If they are out of "Luck", they be swinging at RGIII - Doug
Vikings 29 28



Ponder isn't going to make it as their QB - He just isn't. But there's a guy coming out of Houston that would fit you nicely - Doug
Jaguars 31 30



On top of everything else that's gone wrong, now they have a new Uber rich Kardashian-Type owner who will challenge Irsay's Twitter dominance- Doug
Rams 30 32



I ranked them dead last. Let's be honest here, do you really see the Colts losing to this team? At least the Colts try. -Eric
Colts 32 31



Should they adopt the motto there is nowhere to go but Luck? - Eric