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Random Ramsdom: 12/8/2011

It's tough to understand why the Rams have had so many problems with injuries this year. I'm not sure if it's the lockout, the absence of Todd Hewitt, Tim Tebow, or mysterious turf gremlins that reach up and attack the knees of unsuspecting players. At this point, they all seem equally likely. That's the only way I can explain what happened yesterday (with Jacob Bell heading to the IR, it's likely he's played his final snaps for the Rams). Here are the links for today:

Jeff at Ramsgab previews the 2012 Rams secondary. Who could blame him? There are only so many words you can write about Justin King before your head explodes.

This is the second time he's been added to the team. Perhaps he can stick around this time? With the current way things are playing out with injuries, he could very well be a fill-in-starter by next week.

The Rams have had no luck with the tackle position this year, but they aren't alone. The half out of the top ten tackles selected are currently injured (or suspended). Damn turf gremlins.

It's sad when you are happy you have someone on your favorite team who ISN'T injured. Dahl is the only offensive lineman with the team who has started every game this year. Easily one of the best FA's in recent memory, purely based on the fact that he isn't hurt.

That's it for this morning. I hope everyone enjoys the Thursday night game against Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Both teams are pretty evenly matched, with the exception of Cleveland, who sucks, and Pittsburgh, who is really good. It should be a really fun, err close, err screw it, it's football and it's almost the weekend.

At least Pat Shurmur isn't the head coach of the Rams. Talk about averaging 14.6 points a game. What a bad offense. Oh wait...