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Random Ramsdom 12/7: Tom Brandstater Era?


Hey everybody! The only good thing about this Rams' season is that it's almost over. Only 4 more games of this and it'll be done. This has probably been the toughest season I've been through as a Rams fan. We all drank that kool-aid and now we're paying for it. One day though, we'll get our moment in the sun. On to the links.

Tom Brandstater starting?

The Rams might have to start Tom Brandstater Monday night in Seattle. AJ Feeley just broke his thumb in the last game and Sam Bradford is still dealing with his high ankle sprain, though it's still possible he will be able to play. Brandstater has been with the Rams on and off this season, and he played with the Broncos under Josh McDaniels. The system isn't new to him. We'll all see on Monday night what this kid has. It's his time to shine.

Another O-line shuffle

Jacob Bell suffered an injury to his MCL and because of that, the Rams will have to play with another new offensive line combination. Harvey Dahl will be moving back to guard, not sure if he will play LG or if Jason Brown will. This means the Rams will have another one of the inexperienced tackles placing against a very good Seahawks front four. Not a good way for Tom Brandstater to start his career.

Thoughts on Sam Bradford

Mike Sando breaks down Sam's season as compared to his rookie year. Most stats are dead even or worse. He's not doing as bad as most would think, but he's also still playing poorly. Hopefully, the Rams can revamp the team next year and Sam can have a bounce back season.

Seahawks' Moffitt suspended 4 games

John Moffitt, who is already on IR, will be serving a 4 game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. The information about what he particularly took isn't know. You may ask, why is the league letting him serve his suspension on IR? Well he might not lose playing time, but he will lose pay.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!