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St. Louis Rams Drafting Second Overall In 2012?

Before the season started, everybody thought that the St. Louis Rams would either win the NFC West or be in the playoff hunt. It didn't work out that way, and now the Rams will be lucky not to be in the cellar of the NFC.

Regardless of all the injuries, this has been a really disappointing season. Only the most pessimistic could have predicted that the Rams would have just two wins at this point.

The season is just about over for the Rams. I know I will get critcism for this, but the Rams shouldn't win anymore games. Of course, they should try and win, like they have done all season, but what good will that do? It's all about the bigger picture.

Would it be nice if the Rams went on a 4-game run to close the season? Hell yeah. But realistically at best, they might pull out another win or two.

Right now, the Rams are head to head with the Minnesota Vikings for the number 2 pick. With the Jacksonville Jaguars sitting on 3 wins, they're looking at the 4th pick right now.

Here is the St. Louis Rams remaining schedule:

Week 14 @ Seahawks

Week 15 vs. Bengals

Week 16 @ Steelers

Week 17 vs. 49ers

There are only two games that I can see the Rams winning, the week 14 game against the Seahawks and the week 17 game against the 49ers. How embarrassing would it be if the 49ers rested most of their starters and beat the Rams?

Here is the Minnesota Vikings remaining schedule:

Week 14 @ Lions

Week 15 vs. Saints

Week 16 @ Redskins

Week 17 vs. Bears

The Vikings have been playing better than the other two teams on this list. I think the only team they can't beat on this list is the Saints.

Here is the Jacksonville Jaguars remaining schedule:

Week 14 vs. Buccaneers

Week 15 @ Falcons

Week 16 @ Titans

Week 17 vs. Colts

The Rams are bad, but the Jaguars are really terrible. They most likely will lose their next three games, but they should be able to beat the Colts.

Looking towards the draft

If the Rams end up with the 3rd pick, behind the Vikings or the Jaguars, it won't be that big of a deal. Right now, it looks like the Colts will get Andrew Luck. All three teams couldn't go wrong with selecting Justin Blackmon for obvious reasons. Also, the Vikings should want Matt Kalil who will probably be a target for the Rams.

If the Rams pick 4th, that might cause some trouble and result in possibly reaching for a cornerback or looking towards the 2nd best offensive tackle or wide receiver in the draft.