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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Looking Beyond The First Round

We've been here before. Discussing the NFL Draft rather than the last month of the St. Louis Rams season. In fact, this is the fourth season in the six years since TST hung out its shingle that we've started talking about the draft in early December. Even though the first-round is relatively static at this point, I thought it was worth taking a look at this 2012 NFL Mock Draft because of what it says about the Rams second-round pick.

Today's mock comes courtesy of our friends over at NE In the first round, they have the Rams picking third (they pick second for now) and going with LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. If they had the Rams in the second spot, I'd have to think they'd give them USC tackle Matt Kalil.

The second round looks a little more interesting, at least in terms of discussion this far out from the Draft.

And who's the pick? Jump it.

Dwight Jones, WR, North Carolina

And just who is Dwight Jones? At 6'4" 225 lbs he looks the part of a number one receiver in the NFL. Jones is sort of a better, more well-rounded version of Danario Alexander, without the five knee surgeries.

The biggest knock on Jones is his tendency to catch the ball with his body rather than his hands. He also lacks the pure speed, which would surely push his draft stock a little higher.

Here's his profile from Mocking the Draft, some high points:

• Plays up to his size, which makes him a mismatch against undersized cornerbacks.

• Shows a decent burst to get off the line of scrimmage. Struggles at times to get off the line when he's jammed. Needs to learn better disengage techniques.

• Developing as a route runner. Isn't asked to run complex routes that frequently and tends to round off his cuts.

• Definitely a high-point catching wide receiver. Really attacks the ball in the air.

Here are some highlights from his scouting report over at NEPatriotsDraft.

Positives: Great size...NFL ready body...Gets off the line very well...Effective after the catch using his size and strength to over power smaller defenders...very physical route runner, he is no afraid to battle down the field or at the line...Uses his size well to shield defenders from the ball...Has surprising acceleration out of his stance for a WR his size...Tracks the ball exceptionally well down the field and really knows how to high point it...Sells his route fakes well often getting the DB to commit to the fake before he breaks out of it.

Negatives: Body catcher more than a hands catcher...Allows too many balls to get into his body as opposed to snatching them with his hands...Doesn't have the deep speed to burn the faster CB's...

And finally, how about some video on Jones, courtesy of friend of TST, Aaron Aloysius.