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Random Ramsdom, 12/6: The End Is Near

The St. Louis Rams are in the news again. What now?
The St. Louis Rams are in the news again. What now?

Nothing ever happens on a Tuesday in the NFL, at least not this late in the season, right? Maybe. Last year at this time Josh McDaniels got the axe in Denver. Last Tuesday, the Jacksonville Jaguars eighty-sixed their head coach, Jack Del Rio. Will the guillotine fall anywhere else in the NFL today? Probably not. St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo is safe for another week at least.

How about a hot, steamy plate of Tuesday morning links? Yes!

Even more injuries mount for Rams - Besides the quarterbacks and the likelihood that Jacob Bell will become the 14th player on injured reserve, the Rams have plenty of other injuries. Fred Robbins has a sore back. Adam Goldberg will undergo an MRI on his ribs, and Gary Gibson is getting checked out for the symptoms of an ulcer. The Rams are ulcer inducing.

Rams might go with Plan C at quarterback - If only the Rams still had quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. Of course, Lewis would have been unlikely to do much for this offense, but at least his mobility could have helped a left over offensive line.

Silver linings: Rams vs. 49ers - Sando had to really stretch to find any silver linings for the Rams in this week's game. When another week for Bradford to heal his ankle is one of the high points, you know the team is sunk.

NFL coaching rumors - Despite the win last night, Norv Turner is done in San Diego. His replacement, however, is contingent upon whether or not the Chargers fire general manager A.J. Smith, who has had some power struggles with his coaches in the past, including Bill Cowher's mentor Marty Schottenheimer.

One year ago today... - One year ago today the Denver Broncos fired head coach Josh McDaniels. Some of McDaniels' draft picks are doing well in Denver. Besides you-know-who, Eric Decker, G Zane Beadles, C J.C. Walton, and even Demaryius Thomas showed up last week. His 2009 draft class leaves a little to be desired though.