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Monday Night Football Thread and Photo Caption Contest

Screw the loss on Sunday! There is soooo much going on the week here at Turf Show Times this week, I won't waste another second thinking about how the San Francisco 49ers rumped us...

What's going on you may ask? Well, on top of yet another semi-debauched evening here on the Monday Night post, we'll be having a guest tomorrow on TST that has finally gotten over his writer's block: Doug Farrar. I also have the inside track on a MAJOR announcement about the St. Louis Rams organization. We're talking BIG here, and I'll be the one telling you all about it... What could it be, you say? How about an interview with the Rams new GM? Stop laughing! People tell me things! Even if I make up what they tell me...

So on to the Photo Caption Contest for this evening! Remember the one rule: Leave your negative thoughts at the door! There are lots of great articles here at TST in which to proffer your venom and rage, just not here.

Make sure to put "Caption Entry" in the subject line and the caption in the comment box. Failure to comply will make your entry void. As to the prize for this week, I haven't decided yet. I'm in the middle of Christmas shopping overload, so thinking about a prize for the winner tonight might make my brain explode!

Enter as many times as you wish! Ready? Set?....... GO!