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LIVE VIDEO: Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo Press Conference

Steve Spagnuolo will deliver his usual Monday afternoon chat and chew with the media today at 2 p.m. These convivial affairs usually last about 20 minutes, so you can plan accordingly. Tradition holds that the first half of the session is for the reading of the injury list, and there are several injuries of note this week.

A.J. Feeley hurt a finger on this throwing hand during the game. He stayed in despite the injury, but if he can't play this week, the Rams could be forced to roll with third quarterback Tom Brandstater. Sam Bradford's ankle has gotten worse, and the quarterback is comparing it to where it was in the days following the original injury back in October. That's a big concern for the Rams, not so much this season, but since they have the future of the franchise and $78 million wrapped up in Bradford, his health kind of matters.

We'll also get an update on the status of Jacob Bell, who left the game with a knee and ankle injury. Then, of course, there's safety Darian Stewart, who missed this week with a concussion. His absence was clearly felt when the Rams defense gave up two plays of 50+ yards.

After the jump, live video of Steve Spagnuolo's press conference.

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