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VIDEO: Michael Crabtree Burns Rams Defense For A 52-Yard Touchdown

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree beat the St. Louis Rams for 52-yard touchdown. That made the game 16-0, opening it wide for the 49ers to put it away. The Rams defense had up until that point played a solid outing, keeping it to a score of 9-0, which qualifies as a small miracle given the team's recent play.

Watch Craig Dahl get beat on Crabtree's touchdown right here.

You have to wonder if this would have happened if the Rams had safety Darian Stewart. He's out with a concussion this week. Stewart's play, after a rough start to the season, has improved tremendously, giving the Rams some speed and coverage ability to pair with Quintin Mikell in the back field.

With that play, Crabtree has four catches for 96 yards and a touchdown. He did drop a pass earlier in the game, and might have even better numbers if not for that.

Prior to this game, Crabtree led all 49ers receivers with 44 catches for 509 yards. This was only the second time this season that Crabtree has found the end zone. The 2009 first-round pick has only topped the 100-yard mark once this season, but looks like he will do it again today.