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Rams 0, 49ers 9 - An offensive offense

The Rams' defense put forth an admirable effort in that first half punctuated with a goalline stand after A.J. Feeley's faux throw handed San Francisco an incredibly short field to begin a drive.

I had promised Ryan before the game that I would make sure to link to any highlight videos in the gamethread today. I'm currently at 0 links.

The Rams racked up a whopping 63 yards of total offense in the first half, gaining just 11 yards on the ground in 7 rushes. Nowhere to go but...sideways?

Still, you can't help but appreciate a defense on a 2-9 team holding an offense from a 9-2 opponent in check. And yes, Chris Long now has a dozen sacks on the year. Bust.

Second half thread, go.