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Rams Vs. 49ers: Game Thread

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The St. Louis Rams head into the home stretch of a painful season with today's game in San Francisco. These last five games, with two against the 49ers and one each against the Steelers and Bengals, look particularly brutal for a roster already hurting.

Change is coming at Rams Park after a disappointing season, but the scope of that change remains to be seen. Most likely, the Rams will have a new head coach and general manager, barring some significant turnaround over these next five weeks. The odds don't seem to favor them.

However, we Rams fans are a faithful bunch, patiently waiting out our team's descent into laughingstock, thinking that each year will be a better one. And next year really will be a better one. It has to be. For now, even with the season lost, I can think of nothing better than getting a win against a hated division rival. Let's go Rams!