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Fantasy Football Advice: Starts And Sits

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If you're planning on starting any players from the St. Louis Rams in your fantasy lineup today, you might want to rethink that. The Rams offer few viable fantasy options as it, thanks to an offense that scores about 12 points per game. However, they face a stout San Francisco 49ers defense today, and will find yardage hard to come by through four quarters of play.

The normally reliable Steven Jackson is not a good play today. San Fran has the league's best run defense, and the Rams are starting another makeshift offensive line that struggled to open running lanes last week against the Cardinals.

Brandon Lloyd has become one of the better fantasy producers for the Rams. In just six games with the team, he already leads in receiving yards with 396, catches (31) and touchdowns (4). If the Rams can put any points on the board, it will likely come via Lloyd.

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