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2011-12 Bowls: Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl open thread (Mississippi St. v. Wake Forest)

Do you like teams who win half their games? How about if one went 2-6 in SEC play? I knew we could be friends.

Now that we're cool, why not join me in this open thread while we watch football? I'll bring the queso, you bring the emotional baggage.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl logo

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (Miss St. v. Wake Forest), 6:40pm - ESPN

A couple references before some prospect notes:

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- the EDSBS 35 for 35 show for several bowls including this one (with Holly Anderson)

- Bill C's stat-heavy preview and prediction

- For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, the SBN community for fans of Mississippi State

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Rams fans need to take some long looks at a couple Bulldogs in this one, especially two true juniors on the defensive side: DT Fletcher Cox and CB Johnthan (not a typo) Banks. Over at MTD, Cox is ranked 10th among DTs and Banks is 15th on the cornerback board. Against the pass-heavy Deacons, both have a huge stage to showcase their skills. A couple offensive line prospects might be in play for the Rams on day 3 as well.

As for Wake, they aren't in a good spot right now, either draft-wise or in the ACC. Years of sub-par recruiting classes dropped the Deacons to a 3-9 team last year who responded well this year thanks to true sophomore Tanner Price's play at QB. Save for his dismal performance at UNC, he's been solid this year. Throw in a high quality pair of young cornerbacks (sophomore A.J. Marshall and redshirt frosh Merrill Noel) and you can see the nucleus moving forward. If there's any one player the Rams might want to single out from Wake, it's probably junior WR Chris Givens. He's been used in different ways, but he's as consistent a wideout as you'll find. In 12 games this year, he's record somewhere between 4 to 8 receptions every contest. So if you're at the book and want to throw some money around, a 6-reception night for Givens might make sense.

Rams player of interest: Fletcher Cox, Mississippi St. DT (Jr.)

Final score: Miss. St. 27, Wake Forest 24