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2011-12 Bowls: Early Bowl Open Thread

I like my days quadruply bowled. Thus, today is a good day. Here's your open thread/preview for the first pair.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl logo

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (BYU v. Tulsa), 12:00pm - ESPN

Underwhelming at best, eye-barf at worst, this year's BHAFB provides a couple solid prospects (watchlist) worth checking out during the day on Friday when football honestly should never be played. BYU's offensive line will send a couple guys to the NFL, including Sr. OT Matt Reynolds and Jr. G Braden Hansen.

Tulsa, on the other hand, is maybe the most perfect mediocre team in the country. They kicked the crap out of every bad team they played and got smollywhomped by every good team they played. Their best prospect, Damaris Johnson, was suspended by the team before the season started for the age-old student-athlete hobby: getting your girlfriend to hook you up with a 99.2% discount at Macy's.

Rams player of interest: Kyle Van Noy, BYU OLB (RS Soph.)

Final score: Tulsa 24, BYU 16

New Era Pinstripe Bowl info after the jump.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl logo

New Era Pinstripe Bowl (Rutgers v. Iowa St.), 3:20pm - ESPN

I have very little interest in this game for multiple reasons. Numbers one and two are the teams playing. Number three - it's in New York, which isn't very footbally for me. Number four - it's at 3:20pm which, according to numerologists, is one of the most evil times of the day. Number five - Iowa St. was 6-6 overall and 3-6 in conference play and got a bowl game. That's just a sad commentary on Amurrica.

At least the scouting's decent. While I don't necessarily want the Rams to go after mammoth Iowa St. G Kelechi Osemele, I do want to force Van to try and say that name. On the other hand, Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu is an incredibly enticing prospect for Rams fans to consider. Keep an eye out for Iowa Sr. CB Leonard Johnson. He could well move to a safety position in the NFL, but if he's lined up against Sanu, it could be the matchup of the day.

Rams player of interest: Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers WR (Jr.)

Final score: Rutgers 31, Iowa St. 17