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NFL Draft notes - afternoon college football open thread

Georgia C Ben Jones is a bit insane. That's a good thing.
Georgia C Ben Jones is a bit insane. That's a good thing.

It looks as if Houston will leave the tier of the unbeatens leaving LSU alone at the top. And while there are some solid NFL prospects in that game, Case Keenum just isn't one of them. I had him in the 6th round or later in the watchlist, and while I probably won't downgrade him from that I don't see why an NFL team would waste any pick on him.

Enough on the hate. If you're around at TV, there are really only two games you should be watching (three if you include the mesmerizingly efficient North Texas Mean Green...):

- Georgia at LSU*, SEC Championship (CBS, 4:00pm): Even though this game should be meaningless in relation to the National Championship, it should still be hard fought...for Georgia to stay in it. LSU's a much better team, and as long as the stage doesn't get away from them, they should roll with that elite defense. The players with the most possible draft stock improvement are on that Georgia O-line. If C Ben Jones and G Cordy Glenn can deal with DTs Michael Brockers and Bennie Logan, it should give them a huge boost. Here's the MTD notes.

* The SEC Championship is played in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, so even though LSU's at home, they're playing in Georgia.

- Texas at Baylor (ABC, 3:30pm): If there's one player who can supplant Andrew Luck as the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, it's Robert Griffin III. If you haven't seen him, he's a phenomenal passer with great touch and vision. Oh, and he's fast as all hell. Now he is a junior, and the rumors are that he's seriously considering law school instead of the NFL. But I won't believe those rumors until the 2013 draft comes and goes. And while I didn't add any midday games to the watchlist, I had Texas last week, so you can jump off of that.

And yes, TCU-UNLV is on Versus right now, but let's be serious. So drop off your observations here until the evening thread.