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2011-12 Bowls: Valero Alamo Bowl open thread (Washington v. Baylor)

Three points through three quarters. 18 points in less than 7 minutes to open the 4th quarter. If you don't like college football, I don't understand you.

Florida St. has suddenly exploded to take a 4-point lead over Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl, a contest that has people buzzing about Irish WR Michael Floyd.

In less than an hour, we get a second game for the evening with the Valero Alamo Bowl with Robert Griffin III leading the...oh who cares. It's Robert Griffin.

Stuff after the jump.

References for the game:

- the watchlist and the preview

- Mocking the Draft notes

- the SBN StoryStream

- the EDSBS 35 for 35 show (with Holly Anderson and someone I don't know. Help me out.)

- Bill C's stat-heavy preview and prediction

- UW Dawg Pound, the SBN community for fans of Washington

- Our Daily Bear, the SBN community for Baylor fans

Yes, RG3 is in this game. But so is every prospect in the watchlist and every player who didn't make it. So enjoy, and holler here throughout.