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Sam Bradford Injury: Season Likely Over For Rams QB

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The St. Louis Rams have one more game left to play, one more game until they open another new chapter on their future, hoping to get it right this time. Quarterback Sam Bradford will most likely watch the Rams season finale against the San Francisco 49ers from the sidelines. Bradford missed practice on Wednesday.

Bradford told reporters that he did a little more work this week on his ankle, but progress was marginal. With three days left before the last game, it would be foolish for the Rams to push their quarterback. Shutting him down and starting the healing process for 2012 is the best course of action.

Bradford suffered the high ankle sprain to his left ankle against Green Bay. He subsequently missed two games in October, and three more down the stretch. This will be his sixth game on the sidelines, finishing off a tough year for the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Of all the things that will get Billy Devaney and Steve Spagnuolo fired, their inability to bring in any talent at wide receiver stands out as one of the more egregious mistakes. They tried to breath new life into Mike Sims-Walker, but that represented their best efforts at finding offensive talent to surround Bradford and running back Steven Jackson with in the last two years.

Kellen Clemens will finish the season as the Rams quarterback. Clemens' best hope is to show enough in his third start to catch on as a backup somewhere next season.