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2012 NFL Draft: Holiday Bowl Prospect Watch, Texas OLB Keenan Robinson

There are some good quality day three draft choices for the St. Louis Rams, but Texas OLB Keenan Robinson makes the most sense. Robinson is an athletic linebacker who is a pretty good tackler. The thing that will hurt him in the draft is the fact that he doesn't have elite size for the position. He is listed at 6'3" 240 lbs.

Honestly, a big game tonight in the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl won't help his draft stock that much. Right now it looks like he is a mid-round draft pick. He still has a future as a good linebacker in the NFL. He can really put a licking on the ball carrier, and his aggressiveness is a major strength in his game. He's had a good season, but it's being overshadowed by other OLBs. Whoever picks him up will most likely have a good starting caliber linebacker on their hands.

Robinson should have a solid game against an okay California offense. We know he can tackle, but I'm more interested in seeing how he can cover. He will be one of the best players on the field today.

Let's see if he will show up in his final game as a Longhorn.

Here's a scouting report on Robinson from NFL Mocks.