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2011 Holiday Bowl (California vs. Texas) Matchup to Watch - Keenan Allen vs Texas secondary

Are you ready for the Holiday Bowl? It's not a BCS bowl, but this year it should be an entertaining game. While you're watching, you should be sure to check out the matchup of the game: Cal WR Keenan Allen against the Texas secondary.

Allen will have to be the x-factor if Cal wants to win this bowl against the Longhorns secondary who hasn't been good this season.

It would make sense that Cal tries to get the ball to their best weapon in the air, since the Longhorns have a good rush defense. If Cal can successfully pass the ball against the Longhorns, it should open up the running game.

It wouldn't shock me if Keenan Allen had more than 100 receiving yards today, but it depends on how well Zach Maynard plays at QB, because the Longhorns won't just sit back and let him pick them apart.

The Longhorns will most likely blitz and throw some double coverage's at Allen. Allen will most likely struggle to get yards early on, but if Cali ends up playing from behind expect him to get a lot more chances to make something happen.

Allen started the season off strong, recording more than 100 yards in five of his first six games; however, he hasn't topped the 100-yard mark in his last six games.

He's just a true sophomore, so he's not eligible for the 2012 NFL Draft. But with such a loaded class, a strong performance tonight could ensure he goes into next year as one of the top prospects in the country.