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2012 NFL Draft Order: How The Colts And 49ers Can Keep The Rams From The Top Pick.

This Sunday, the St. Louis Rams will be playing their last game of the 2011 season against their rivals the San Francisco 49ers. Let's not kid ourselves, there is a big chance that the Rams will lose to the 49ers again, and end up getting swept by their division rivals.

It's not exciting that the Rams will either be picking number one again, or most likely grabbing the second pick, but this year it could help the team reach a new level.

If the Rams get the number one pick, they can trade and get a ton of picks, which will help this team out, big time. However, there still are a couple of issues standing in the way of the Rams getting the number one pick.

The 49ers could lose to the Rams. I know it seems far-fetched and unlikely, but who thought the Rams would beat the Saints? If the Saints would have lost last night, the 49ers could have put their backups in for most of the game, because they would have had a bye, but luckily for those who want the Rams to get the first pick the 49ers have to win to get the first round bye.

The most likely scenario that will keep the Rams from getting the number one pick is the Jaguars beating the Colts. In my opinion the Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL, so everything is set up for the Colts to win. However, if the Colts head coach get's the nod from the owner, maybe they help turn the tides to help the Jaguars. Not saying they would throw the game, but maybe they call a string of bad plays on offense and defense.

Even though this Sunday doesn't have any playoff implications for the Rams, their horrible record and the Colts two-game winning streak, will at least keep both teams' fans busy this Sunday.