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2012 NFL Pro Bowl Rosters: Rams Shut Out This Year

If you're looking to find out which players from the St. Louis Rams made the 2012 Pro Bowl roster, I can sum it up for you: none. No players from the St. Louis Rams made the cut for this year's Pro Bowl roster, not by election, not by backup choices, not by bribes, etc.

That could change between now and February when the Pro Bowl happens. Players that did make the cut will drop out because of injuries and other excuses.

The most likely to make the cut it running back Steven Jackson, who was the only player representing the Rams last season. Matt Forte, who was the first alternate, was placed on injured reserve today, meaning that he is ineligible for the Pro Bowl. Jackson, who became only the seventh player in league history with seven consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons, would seem to have a legitimate shot at his fourth Pro Bowl appearance.

Marshawn Lynch would probably get a berth before Jackson, based on his performance this season.

No other player from the Rams offense has a snow ball's chance in hell, nor is there anyone who deserves to make the cut.

More surprising is that the Chris Long and James Laurinaitis were left off the list. Long has been one of the few bright spots on the team this season. His 13 sacks are sixth-most in the NFL. Of course, it's tough to argue with Jason Babin and Jared Allen as the starters and Jason Pierre-Paul as the third. All three of those guys have had stellar seasons.

Laurinaitis has been good too, but being a middle linebacker on a team poised to set historic lows for run defense does nothing to endear you to voters.

Is there anyone else on the team that really deserved some consideration? I have a hard time thinking of anyone beyond those three.

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