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Why Bradford will be a Ram in 2012

Take a look at a layman's attempt to breakdown the cap hit for Bradford

Base Salaries:
2010: $320,000
2011: $405,000
2012: $1,205,000
2013: $2,005,000
2014: $2,805,000
2015: $3,605,000
All of which are guaranteed according to Jim Thomas

Now on to bonuses:
2010 roster bonus: $2,880,000
2011 spring roster bonus: $17,974,000

So that is $10,345,000 in guaranteed base salaries, add in the bonuses and he is at $31,200,000

Escalators in his contract moves his contract from 31.2 million to 78 million. 19 million of which is guaranteed.

So if he were traded or cut all of his guaranteed money comes due immediately.

Base salaries: 9.62 million plus 19 million in new guarantees for a whooping 28.62 million against the cap.

Can this team afford to have almost 29 million in dead money next year?

No team can take that hit especially when they have the holes the Rams have..

This may not be exact but should be pretty close