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2012 NFL Draft Order: Rams And Colts Down To The Wire For The Top Pick

While the 2012 NFL playoff picture sorts itself out, the race to the bottom has just a couple more twists and turns to make before being decided. Right now, the Indianapolis Colts and the St. Louis Rams are headed toward the finish line neck and neck for the first overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Which team will end up with a very, very valuable top spot in the 2012 NFL Draft order?

Right now, both teams are 2-13, with one game left to play. The Colts have the first pick right now, and if both teams end up with the same record following their Week 17 games, the Colts would still have the top spot by virtue of strength of schedule.

But both teams play very different opponents.

The Rams host the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers locked up the NFC West a long time ago. They still have the second seed in the playoffs to keep them honest. I haven't seen odds on that game yet, but you can imagine the Rams offense isn't exactly set to explode against a tough 49ers defense.

The Colts play the Jaguars in Jacksonville. The opening line on that game has Jacksonville favored by four and a half to five points. We'll see how that turns out, but Indianapolis has won their last two games and the Jaguars are playing terrible football.

A Colts win and a Rams loss gives St. Louis the first overall pick in the draft for the second time in three years. I'm certainly not hoping for the Rams to lose. However, having the top pick and the chance to bait a handful of other teams into trading up for Andrew Luck would be a small consolation for a lost season.

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