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Why rooting against the Rams the next 2 weeks is not a bad thing?

Why getting the #1 pick will be the best thing for the Rams?

I know there are many that cannot root against their team and enjoy wins no matter when they come or if they have playoff implications. I am not that person. The #1 pick will bring back the most picks of a draft day trade since the Herschel Walker.

The Rams will have a new Front office with hopefully no ties to their awful draft past. Just because the Rams have been maybe the worst drafting team in the last 12 years, this can be a new start and hopefully start the turnaround of one the saddest franchises in the last 22 years.

Now for a Ram fan it may be blasphemy to root against your team but take a look at who will be suiting up in a Ram uniform this Sunday. Most of these guys will not be Rams in 2012 due to age and lack of talent. Here are the only guys who I think are locks for opening day Sunday 2012 that are playing this week;

· Harvey Dahl

· Steven Jackson

· Lance Kendricks

· Chris Chamberlain

· Justin King

· James Laurinaitis

· Chris Long

· Quintin Mikell

· Chris Long

· Robert Quinn

· Darian Stewart

That is 11 guys of the 45 that will play about 25% so in hoping for a Rams loss you are hoping for the mother load of picks that will change this franchise future and you as a fan will not be rooting against many future Rams.

Let’s go Colts and Vikings!