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Rams Vs. Steelers: Kellen Clemens Vs. James Harrison

Heinz Field. Yellow terrible towels are waving everywhere. It's Week 16; the St. Louis Rams are at the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rams are in possession of the ball. Kellen Clemens starts yet another game - three weeks after being claimed off the waiver wires. He drops back to pass. As soon as his right foot plants on the turf, Steelers' pass rusher James Harrison smacks the living crap out of Clemens.

The scenario painted above can soon be a reality this Sunday.

Forget the fact that Harrison is an absolute nightmare for opposing left tackles and quarterbacks. The man has eight sacks despite missing four games earlier in the season along with the one game suspension.

Harrison is one of the hardest hitters in the game. He rocked the Browns' Colt McCoy so hard that he made former offensive coordinator's Brian Daboll's tough love seem like sweet and gentle love making.

The main reason why Harrison will have a career day against the Rams is the offensive line made out of twigs, tape, and left over popsicle sticks. The makeshift line has not fared well at all, especially with the inexperience of some of the bodies in there (Bryan Mattison and Mark LeVoir).

Despite the fact that Harrison most likely will get his forth-straight season with double-digit sacks this Sunday, he is not the only threat on this potent Steelers' defense. Opposite of Mr. Harrison is LaMarr Woodley, another above average pass rusher with nine sacks on the season. In addition to the pair of linebackers, the Steelers still have the lion-maned safety Troy Polamalu who is a great in-the-box safety and blitzer.

So expect Clemens to be hit harder than Katrina hit New Orleans.

It also might not be too bad of an idea to get Tom Brandstater warmed up - he might be called into duty.