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2011-12 Bowls: Maaco Bowl Las Vegas open thread (Arizona St. v. Boise St.)

Kellen Moore will shoot rainbows one more time at the college level tonight. (h/t <a href="" target="new">EDSBS</a>)
Kellen Moore will shoot rainbows one more time at the college level tonight. (h/t EDSBS)

If you're not too interested in tonight's NFL game and you're down for some solid scouting, here's your sports for the night.

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Yes, on it's face this looks like a one-sided affair. But Arizona St. boasts an underrated passing attack and whooped up on USC. And it's just one game. You never know what can happen in a single game, especially with these storylines.

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson is coaching his final game for the Sun Devils. His stud MLB Vontaze Burfict is likely headed to the draft as a junior. And Arizona State has to be hungry having not played in a bowl since 2007 when they got torched by then-sophomore Colt McCoy.

Boise St., on the other hand, is jobbed yet again playing in the Las Vegas Bowl/Bowl Las Vegas for the second year in a row despite boasting a 23-2 record in the last two years. Plus, nothing would propel them into their final...though only second...season in the Mountain West before joining the Big East like a bowl win.

Holler if you're on ESPN tonight.