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TST Power Rankings: Week 16

It's come down to the final two weeks of the year. For many teams, the playoffs lurk as a possible New Years destination. For others, like the Rams, it is merely draft maneuvering. Week 16, here we go.

Power Rankings after the jump

Team Doug Eric Avg (+/-) Say What?
Packers 1 1



Their fall from perfection still has them miles above the competition. Some of their injuries are beginning to tell though - Doug
Saints 2 2



Still gaining steam as they head into the post season. This is a team who wants another championship - Eric
49ers 4 3



A tough, rugged defense that gives up few points matches well with an offense that doesn't score much - Doug
Patriots 3 5



Tom Brady does what Tom Brady does. Tim Tebow may have Tebowmania, but Tom Brady has rings. - Eric
Ravens 6 4



They have to get their act together and win when they are supposed to - Doug
Steelers 5 6



They are starting to slow down at exactly the wrong time. They might want to look into resting Big Ben. - Eric
Bengals 7 9



What a great, young and scrappy team. Next year they could make a serious move up in the AFC North - Doug
Texans 9 7



They have a QB problem, but with the running back duo they have, it might not matter so much. - Eric
Falcons 10 8



Are they starting to roll, and if so what direction - up or down? - Doug
Cowboys 8 12



For all the Romo hate, he sure has been on fire recently. In the last three games, he has 9 TD's (1 rushing) and 0 INT's - Eric
Broncos 11 11



In what started this season as one of the toughest divisions on paper, they could squeak into the post season for a 1 game farewell - Doug
Lions 12 10



The team MVP is the Chicago Bears - Doug
Giants 13 13



Can some team please just win the NFC East? I mean, really guys. You've had every opportunity. - Eric
Seahawks 15 14



Their defense, and home field advantage this week are going to add a loss to the 49ers record - Doug
Jets 17 15



It'd be great to see the team who was guaranteed to win the Superbowl fail to make the playoffs. -Eric
Chargers 14 19



They are about to go on their end of season winning tear, but little else. This team will be gutted by FA in 2012 - Doug
Titans 19 16



This team has done a lot better than I thought they would. Perhaps it's time to get a glimpse of the future with Locker? - Eric
Eagles 18 18



They are the spoiler team to watch in the last two weeks of this season. - Doug
Raiders 16 21



Like half the league, they are a fringe team. But do they really deserve to go to the playoffs? -Eric
Bears 20 17



Their defense can't make hide nor "Hanie" of the Bears offense - Doug
Cardinals 21 20



Can the Skeltonator channel his inner-Warner and help the Cards sneak into the playoffs? Shock of the year if they can. -Eric
Chiefs 22 23



Got to love how their secondary shut down Aaron Rodgers - Doug
Panthers 24 22



Cam Newton's Christmas wishlist: a defense. -Eric
Dolphins 23 24



Whatever they do, don't pay Reggie Bush more money for next season. Keep him hungry, and he could top this season's totals next year - Doug
Redskins 25 25



I'm sorry Redskins fans, but I have no problem watching Dan Snyder and Shanahan squirm. The #2 pick is available for trade though. We'll give you a good deal. -Eric
Bills 26 28



They get a couple of players back this week, so Denver could have a tougher time than they think - Doug
Bucs 28 26



I am totally confused by how bad this team has become is so short a time - Doug
Browns 27 29



Year one for Shurmur has not gone so well. Can they get some momentum going for next year? - Eric
Jaguars 29 27



I'm throwing them a Christmas bone rating them this high. They may well be the worst team in the NFL next season - Doug
Vikings 30 30



They need RGIII more than any team in the NFL. They'll have to eat some "Ponder crow" though - Doug
Rams 31 32



Since I need two hand to count keeper players on the Rams roster, versus only one hand for the Colts--- Rams are #31 - Doug
Colts 32 31



Andrew Luck. The end. - Eric