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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Is This A Dream Scenario For The Rams?

Sing it with me. It's beginning to look a lot like 2012 NFL Draft time...for fans of beleaguered teams like the St. Louis Rams, late December means draft talk. Yesterday, we had a 2012 NFL Mock Draft from Todd McShay, a guy who gets paid way too much money for a layup like this one. If you're going to do a mock draft this time of year, be provocative, reward the savvy fans with something to think about.

That's what a new 2012 NFL Mock Draft out today from Walter Football does, and that's why I'm going to take a minute to point it out to you.

The Rams 2011 draft isn't paying big dividends. Robert Quinn is playing well, but the few players still on the roster beyond the first-round pick are struggling. That isn't to say that they won't get it together with another year. Lance Kendricks and Greg Salas have shown some real potential at various times this season. Spagnuolo and Devaney's 2011 draft may do as much to get them fired as the 2-12 record.

Anyway, let's take a gander at this mock draft...after the jump.

This mock has the Rams picking third in the first round, which looks like the most probable outcome based on the remaining schedule for the Rams and the Vikings.

Round 1 - Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State

I like this pick, and it's a fairly common one in mock drafts for the Rams. And why not? I've been guilty of this myself, but I'm tired of reading about all the potential wrapped up in this current group of receivers. No, they're terrible. Outside of Brandon Lloyd and Danny Amendola the rest are just role players. Greg Salas might have a future, as a potential slot guy to replace Amendola, but the rest are just interchangeable parts.

The Rams need playmakers. Blackmon looks like the top receiver in the draft. I still think this is a bit high for him, but teams will draft receivers higher after the success of Julio Jones and A.J. Green this season. Ideally, they'd trade down and grab more picks.

Round 2 - Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State

A huge man, standing 6'6" and weighing in around 320 lbs. He could slot right in on the right side, possessing the nasty streak and blocking ability Jason Smith never had. Adams is still developing as a prospect. There are questions as to whether he's fast enough to play left tackle in the NFL. He's also had some knucklehead moments off the field. Check out the video on Adams below.

Round 3 - Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A&M

Judie might lack the size to be a true man corner on the outside, but he does look like a very good zone defender capable of making his living as a professional nickel corner. There's nothing wrong with that. How much would this year's Rams benefit from a bona fide nickel corner. He's also fast, running consistently in the 4.4 range. Here's a good scouting report from CBS/NFL Draft Scout.

That's a good draft to chew on, so start digesting.