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A Brief Moment Of Humanity In The Rams' 2011 Season

A losing season takes a toll. The St. Louis Rams two-win season has certainly impacted the fans. You can also see the faintest cracks of stress poking through the face of head coach Steve Spagnuolo. As for the Rams players, most of them continue to play with the expected level of sweat equity.

Chris Long and James Laurinaitis have been bright spots for the team this season. Long is in the midst of a career year with 13 sacks. He finished fourth among NFC defensive ends in Pro Bowl voting. Laurinaitis own the middle part of the field, and the Rams run defense has improved after some tough outings this season.

And then sometimes you remember that these guys, for all the shit we heap on them as fans, are still just human beings. It was kind of enjoyable to see this video of Long and Laurinaitis cracking up with someone in an interview with a TV station...a nice break from 2-12, coaching changes, firings, etc.

After the jump, check out this video of Chris Long and James Laurinaitis cracking up in an interview. (Hat tip to @RamsONDEMAND for the link).