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What is Steve Spagnuolo's Biggest Flaw?

When Steve Spagnuolo was hired as the St. Louis Rams new head coach in 2009, it looked like the Rams finally got it right. They were bringing over a coach whose defense won the Super bowl against a then undefeated Patriots. It looked like it would be a match made in heaven.

Now in the year 2011, it looks like the Rams will be starting the process of finding a new head coach once again. Ten wins in three years isn't anything to brag about, especially when seven of them came last season. This season was the icing on the cake, with all the sprinkles, and everything you would ever want on it.

Honestly, you can say it's not fair that this season is being weighed as much as it is and I would agree. It's not a 100% sure thing that Steve will be fired, but it's very likely. Even if you don't agree with it, his firing won't surprise you. Injuries really took this team apart, but in the NFL all that matters is the end result.

As head coach, Steve has played a big role in his team playing this badly, because it seems he actually thinks the Rams are a good team. Or, is it his pride that's getting in the way?

Instead of using the last two seasons, let's just focus on this season.

Steve has the last say on the final 53 man roster, meaning he can cut anyone he doesn't think will fit his team. He cut a few young players who could have helped the back end of the roster and infuse this team with more youth. Cutting players like Jabara Williams, Fendi Onobun, George Selvie, Mardy Gilayrd, etc, might not be big deals, but they could have developed into good backups at least, instead of these stop gaps who will most likely be gone after this season.

Also, there have been many "on-the-field" decisions creating question marks too. Not talking about the misuse of time outs, because, hell, coaches make mistakes like that all the time. I'm talking about decisions like he did in the 2nd game of the Cardinals where he punted the ball with around 3 minutes left in the game, because he thought we would get the ball back.

Plus, there have been a few times on 4th and short he could have gone for it, especially when you're in the opposing teams territory. It's not like he's laying down for the other team, but it seems like either he doesn't think he will get fired, or if he's going to go down, he's going down with his game plan.

There are more examples on how Steve thinks this is a team better than it is, but in the end those things don't matter. If the Rams had a better team, maybe his coaching plan would have worked? He probably will be a good coach if given another chance, but if the reports about Steve being fired is true, he could get that chance sooner than later.