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2011-12 Bowls: Poinsettia Bowl open thread


Bowl season keeps rolling on tonight with TCU playing Louisiana Tech in what should be a showcase of greater talent than last night's deep fried appetizer bowl.

Check out these references from around SB Nation for the game:

- my preview and the watchlist

- Mocking the Draft notes

- the SBN StoryStream

- the EDSBS 35 for 35 show (with Holly Anderson, former SBN writer, current Sports Illustrated writer aka Aunt Slappy)

- Bill C's stat-heavy preview and prediction (and if you're into advanced stat analysis, you should be reading Football Study Hall)

- Frogs O' War, the SBN community for fans of TCU

So that should give you plenty of things to read during commercials. And with the watchlist, you've got all the relevant prospects in front of you. So drop your observations here.

Should TCU OLB Tank Carder be of interest to the Rams? What are your thoughts on Josh Boyce? Does anyone on Louisiana Tech deserve the Rams' front office's attention?