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2012 NFL Draft & NFL Free Agents: In The TST Mailbag

It's time for another installment of the TST mailbag. Plenty of questions about the St. Louis Rams, the 2012 NFL Draft and free agents in this week's edition. To have your question answered, simply like us on Facebook and ask questions us questions. Let's get to it.

Lance Fridlund How about what position will will make the biggest impact in the draft? WR, OT or CB?

I think they will all have an equal impact for the Rams. Each of those positions have top 5 picks, Make Kalil, Morris Clayborne and Justin Blackmon (though I don't think he is good enough to be a top 10 pick). With their first pick, even if they trade down or not, they will likely pick the best player available in a position of major need: O Line, WR, CB, or DT.

Sharon C W Gitau Will the Rams bring back Danny Amendola and Brandon Lloyd

I think it's very likely that Danny will be back. Brandon on the other hand is a bit tougher to predict. He will be looking for number one receiver money most likely and the Rams might not be looking to pay a receiver who is 30 a huge payday, but I do think they will work a deal out.

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Sharon C W Gitau Will the Seahawks or the Cards make the playoffs?

Right now it looks like one of those two might get to 9-7 and be a contender for a playoff spot. I still think that the Lions and the Falcons will get those two WCs, because those teams already have 9 wins and just need one more each to end the Seahawks and Cardinals hopes. The Lions do have the Chargers and then the Packers to end the season, so it is still possible for the Seahawks and Cards, but not likely.

Danubus Rann Would the Rams really consider Andrew Luck if they had the pick? If they kept Bradford (which I think they would) would they just trade the pick for tons of other picks and players?

If they didn't consider the possibility of taking Luck and trading Sam, they wouldn't be doing their jobs. There is no world in which I see the Rams doing this though and if they somehow get the number one pick, I see them trading down.

Dennis OneTwo Stockblom ‎1) should the rams look for a back up qb in the draft?

2) can spaggs get downgraded to Dc?

3) who are actully in the hunt for the hc job?

1. No. There are simply too many positions of need. A backup QB can always be found in FA.

2. No, that won't ever happen.

3. It's impossible to answer that question when currently the team hasn't started a search for a new HC and haven't fired the current one.

Sergey Konyshev There are females on TST?!

Apparently. We really appreciate the questions from Sharon this week. Men, control yourselves.

Austin Turman Do you think we will draft Justin Blackmon? Do you think we will bring DX back?

It is possible, but there a long way between here and the draft to say we will pick one player or another. I think DX will be brought back, but he will have to win a spot in camp.

Brent Lancaster Probability that Josh McDaniels is retained... he would need to be given a long lease by Stan in order for him to not leave for a head coaching opportunity in KC or elsewhere

I would say 40%, but that's just a guess. I think if Spags stays, he will want to stay with the same offense, but if we get new HC, which seems very likely, he will want to bring in his own guys. Plus there is the possibility that Josh leaves for another job.

Sharon C W Gitau Should Steven Jackson come back? His contract goes up to 7 mill and it would save money to cut him

No he should not be cut. He is well worth the 7 million. His leadership and production for the Rams is well worth that in my opinion. It's always possible that the Rams ask Jackson to restructure his contract. Furthermore, if the Rams were to part ways with Steven, it would more likely be through a trade, because in that case, we would get something in return for a pro-bowl player. You don't just release those type of guys.

Thanks for all the questions this week.