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No Uniform Changes Coming For The St. Louis Rams

Steven Jackson looks good in any Rams uniform.
Steven Jackson looks good in any Rams uniform.

One of the highlights from the St. Louis Rams Week 15 game against the Cincinnati Bengals was the uniforms, throwbacks honoring the 1999 championship team. The appearance of the extremely popular throwbacks got the web buzzing with rumors of a forthcoming uniform change for the Rams. However, those are strictly rumors. The Rams are not in the process of making a uniform change, nor are they currently contemplating it.

Kevin Demoff, Executive Vice President of Football Operations & Chief Operating Officer, told Turf Show Times that team does not have plans to change the uniforms. "It isn't on the radar currently, but may be something we explore as we move forward," Demoff said.

Changing uniforms is more than just a matter of a trip the sporting goods store. The league has a two year process for teams to apply. There's a reason for that. The NFL is incredibly brand-conscious, as are most multi-billion dollar companies who have a considerable investment in their image. The league is already pretty stodgy about teams using alternate jerseys.

Nike takes over the uniform contract for the league in 2012. Many assume that this meant wholesale changes along the lines of what they did to NCAA unis, but that is unlikely. For one, Nike is bound by client stipulations, i.e. the wishes of league owners already conservative with its branding. The biggest changes to come from the switch from Reebok to Nike will be tailoring and fabrics. Teams and the league would have to approve redesigns.

The 1999 throwback uniforms have become extremely popular with Rams fans, hearkening back to a period when winning was the norm. Getting back to building a winning team will take precedent over uniform changes for the Rams.