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Rams Offense: Historically Awful

All alone yet again
All alone yet again

I was browsing the Post-Dispatch, as I often do when I am bored, and came across this gem of an article. As if we needed reminding, the Rams offense is one of the worst anyone has ever seen. But just how bad are they? Well, for starters, this is the second time since World War 2 that they've scored less than 200 points in a season (Even with two games left, I feel comfortable that that assertion will be correct).

The kicker? Those teams played 10 games per season. Ouch. We've discussed a lot about how Josh McDaniels has refused to do anything short of destroy the short term plans of the Rams, but this is just icing on the cake. The problems start with the offensive line, whose starters average somewhere between tenth-string and "You showed up, congrats, the job is yours." As Harvey Dahl (the only original starter remaining) said:

"We just can't get it all connected on offense.

Of course, it's hard to fault Spagnuolo for the offense; that isn't his cup of tea. Yes, the head coach ultimately controls the team, but with the backing of Stan Kroenke, their isn't much Spagnuolo can do to assert control of the offense. This situation has happened before, just ask Jim Zorn.

When you can't pick up a fourth and inches with Steven Jackson and nine blockers, you might as well punt the ball anyway.