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2011-12 Bowls: Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl preview (Florida Int'l v. Marshall)


Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl (Florida International v. Marshall), 8pm - ESPN

This one's for all the apostrophes, folks.

Not familiar with Beefy O's? Think of Tchotchke's, the lovable hellhole of a restaurant from Office Space. Add sports crap all over the place. Hey, you did it! You made your own Beef 'O' Brady's franchise! And with your consistent sales of beer battered appetizers and burgers that were created in the minds of men who don't care about burgers or food or taste buds, you help pay for this illustrious competition that showcases two of the best teams in college football! (legal note: this competition does not showcase two of the best teams in college football)

As for scouting, there's not a ton to be had here. I'm only seeing six prospects between these two teams (though only four are eligible for the 2012 NFL Draft), which you can see on my watchlist.The two headliners are FIU WR T.Y. Hiton and Marshall.

Hilton's a threat all over the field, and made it on to both buckeyefan55's and my playmaker big board. He's now the all-time leader in receiving yards, receiving TDs, all-purpose yards and kickoff return yards in Sun Belt history. He's not the most consistent performer, but he's an obvious athletic specimen. His measurables are going to be of huge import at the combine.

Curry, on the other hand, is a defensive monster. He's tied for third nationally with six forced fumbles, sits at second in tackles for loss and is sixth in sacks. There's a chance he creeps into the 2nd round, but I expect him to be an early day 3 selection.

Rams player of interest: T.Y. Hilton, Florida International WR (Sr.)

Final score: FIU 17, Marshall 16