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NFL Power Rankings, Week 16: Rams Or Colts On The Bottom?

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The internets is alive and buzzing with the sound of NFL Power Rankings, Week 16, filling the void of cyberspace, where no one can hear you scream. With just two weeks left in the season, we don't expect much to change regarding the St. Louis Rams' place at the bottom of most rankings. I did, however, wonder if a Colts win would have made for some swapping in spots 31 and 32.

Did it?

Nope. 1-13 trumps 2-12, charitably. The SB Nation power rankings have the Rams in their same spot at #31, where they've been for a while now.

I'd say it's probably a toss up between the Rams and the Colts at this point in the season. Too bad the scheduled makers lacked the clairvoyance to set up a late season duel between these two teams. I'd be curious to see who would win.

3k will be back later with his power rankings analysis, which might reveal some switching.