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Stan Kroenke Obtains Restraining Order Against Former Employee

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke likely had to take a break from thinking about what to do with his lackluster NFL franchise this week as he dealt with a more personal matter. Kroenke obtained a restraining order against his former property manager Mark Waldo after Waldo stole a gun from Kroenke's Malibu estate, where Waldo was living, and tried to kill himself with it.

Police responded to the report of the stolen gun, and that's when Waldo fired a shot, in a failed attempt to kill himself, according to reports. The restraining order prevents the guy from getting within 100 yards of Kroenke or his wife.

Restraint is no small matter for Waldo; the guy is listed at 6'2" 300 lbs.

That Kroenke has a house in Malibu should be more than enough to spur some specious speculation about Los Angeles relocation. After all, it took less than that this week to ignite the relocation talk after the Jacksonville Jaguars were sold.