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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Top 100 Players

Mocking the Draft rolled out a Top 100 prospects list yesterday. It contains more than enough information for the casual draftnik and seasoned pro to digest, waste away their day. For the sake of clarification, this is their list of the top 100 prospects, all positions. Which ones would potential appeal to the St. Louis Rams in the 2012 NFL Draft?

More than likely the Rams will have the second or third pick in the draft, depending on how the Vikings finish their season. That leaves them with plenty of options, but only a handful of legitimate players worth the draft spot, even with the new salary structure for rookies.

Matt Kalil is the consensus top lineman, a blue chip offensive tackle. He would fill a big need for the Rams and give them a cornerstone lineman for years to come...just like Jason Smith was supposed to do. Guard David DeCastro is ranked seventh, right behind his teammate Jonathan Martin, a tackle. I'm not so sure DeCastro shouldn't be ranked above Martin. Really, the guy is Steve Hutchinson good. Paired with Harvey Dahl on the other side and presumably a better solution in the middle, the Rams could have an interior line comparable to that of the Saints, Packer or Jets when Nick Mangold was still on top of his game.

Morris Claiborne is the top cornerback on the board. The Rams definitely have a need there.

Personally, I'm more of the mind that the offense needs bona fide talent at the skill positions. Not a bunch of diamonds stuck in the rough, but more legitimate blue chip guys. Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd could fit that bill, though some have concerns about both players.

Go give the list a read, and tell us which players you think make the most sense for the Rams.