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Shahid Khan Says He Never Made Statement Claiming Jaguars A Better Organization Than The Rams

Yesterday, I linked to an article in which the Jacksonville Jaguars new owner, Shahid Khan, made a comparative statement regarding the St. Louis Rams, the team he tried to purchase in 2010, and his newly acquired team in Florida. In an interview with the Jaguars media department, for their team web site, Khan reportedly said, "...I think the Jaguars are a far better organization. Compared to the Rams, it's a far better organization." The quote disappeared from the online interview, because Khan claims not to have said it.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff told me on Sunday that Khan called him after that statement got out online to tell him that he did not make that statement about the Rams. According Demoff, Khan said that the statement was taken down because he would not say that because he did not believe it.

Whether Khan said it or not, it's a relatively insignificant blip in the larger story of the Rams' season. It was still important to report the information relayed to us from Demoff.

Changes are coming to the Rams after this season. What those changes will look like, only owner Stan Kroenke knows. Stay tuned, we'll get a better sense of the organization health in the weeks ahead.