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Bengals Vs. Rams: Game Photos

Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams lost their 12th game of the season on Sunday. It was, by the season's standards, a typical game for the Rams...low scoring, penalties, head scratching coaching, and everything else you've come to expect this year. Maybe I'm just conditioned to it, but it seemed like this was a little better game than most others this season.

Kellen Clemens played solid in his debut. It was a stark contrast to the struggles of Sam Bradford this season. The defense had some fine moments, and even the iffy outside linebackers played a pretty good game. So what happens now?

Now, the Rams play out their season, two more games. From there, we can expect wholesale changes, though what those changes look like remains to be seen. You can assume some changes in the leadership, which will naturally mean changes to the roster.

There's some debate about whether or not the Rams will indeed shut down Sam Bradford for the season. As we noted yesterday, his injury doesn't necessarily preclude him from coming back this season.

We do have some good photos from the game. Click on the image above to see the rest.