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St. Louis Rams G Harvey Dahl Explains Holding To Referee

St. Louis Rams offensive guard Harvey Dahl drew a couple flags late in the Rams' loss to the Bengals. After being called for holding, Dahl attempted to politely explain what exactly a holding call looked like to the referee. That got him flagged as well and moved the offensively-challenged Rams back a total of twenty yards, a near impossibility for the team to convert.

You can now see the video and hear Dahl tell the ref "that's not fucking holding" in a the video over at Deadspin.

The Rams were in the process of melting down at that point. For any other team, a lineman getting a flag for that would have sent fans into a near rage. So utterly limp through the season so far, Dahl's outburst offered fans a rare sign of life from the team at the Edward Jones Dome today.

It wasn't a penalty they needed to take, but highlights have a loose definition in St. Louis these days.