TurfShow Radio is BAAACK!! Did You Miss it?

(*SmiFF's Note* For users that use the browser Google Chrome to play TSR. Some people have had problems hearing the broadcast using chrome, but the chat will work may have to switch browsers in order to hear the broadcast.)

Most have problems connecting to Turf Show Radio when its live, whether its through the chat or calling in. I going to try my best to break it down. Now If you create an account on talkshoe its really simple. When 3k or Van drops the Turf Show Radio link and you have a talkshoe account, all you have to do is A)click the link B)Once your on the page it should connect you to either TurfShowTimes page on talkshoe (Here you can listen in to throwback recordings that have been done in the past that either you have missed or just enjoyed that much you gotta hear it again) or the show itself. If the show page is where you are you should see a cream box on the right side of the screen saying JOIN IN. This should bring up the chat where you can hear the broadcast as well as join the chat where 3k monitors throughout the show.

(Editors Note- Thanks to the one the only Da Rookie You don't have to create an account all you have to do is when you are asked if you are a member press the #2 and you should be waiting in the queue to connect) Once again shotouts to Da Rookie for the info!!

As for calling in with your account, when you created your talkshoe account you should of had to enter a phone number. If you did then all you have to do is call in with the number 724-444-7444, after you should hear a mysterious woman saying "Please enter the show ID" The Show ID is 97249. Once you have entered the show id, you should be connected waiting in the queue to chat with the infamous 3k, Van or even VT when he is hosting. While in the queue you can hear the whole show and even after you shared your thoughts during the show you will be removed but you can still listen in. Don't worry you can get your full dose of Turf Show Radio!!

*IMPORTANT NOTE!!!* If you HAVE A TALKSHOE ACCOUNT and are just chilling in the chat, you decide to call in, you DON'T AND I REPEAT DON'T have to close the chat on your computer. When you call in and connect to the queue the chats sound feed will mute itself while you are on the phone listening, as well waiting to connect. When you hang up the chats sound feed should un-mute itself. I think I covered everything if you had an account, If not it should be the same process but I'm not 100%. I linked the show page at the bottom, any questions about this process drop em in the comments & I'll try my best to answer them.

TST TalkShoe Page