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Random Ramsdom 12/16: Bradford out Sunday?


Hey everybody! The Rams are two days away from taking on the Bengals at home in another meaningless game for this franchise. Maybe one day soon, we as fans can stop having to deal with a team that is so horrendous, their games at the end of the year have no meaning outside of draft stock. Let's get to the links.

Sam out Sunday?

Sam Bradford is dealing with a very sore ankle from playing in Monday night's game. High ankle sprains need time to heal and by playing Sam is just making it worse. He sat out practice yesterday and it seems unlikely he will be able to suit up Sunday. The starter will then be Kellen Clemens, now the unluckiest man in the world. He will have to try to run a offense he's only been working with for two weeks behind one of the worst offensive lines in Rams' history.

Should Sam be shut down?

This is a topic that's been throw around on the internet for about a month now. Maybe it would be most beneficial to Sam to shut him down and have him avoid the punishment. What's left for him to learn? Brian Burwell had a great piece saying that it's time to finally shut down Sam and let this nightmare end for him.

Steven Jackson just keeps running

Steven Jackson is on pace for yet another 1,000 yard season. This would be his 7th strait year with 1,000 yards rushing. Jackson deserves a lot of credit for his leadership over the last few years. The Rams have been a historically bad team, but not once have you heard that man complain. He just runs.

Rams wearing throwbacks

In honor of Marshall Faulk week, the Rams will wear the throwbacks again. The first time they wore them this season, they had a giant upset against the Saints. Will the same effect be seen Sunday against the Bengals? That's to be seen, but I'm still excited for the throwbacks. I'm one that supports the movement to go back to the throwbacks as the everyday jersey.

Be sure to check in with TST tonight. I will have a roundtable post with not only TST writers, but with Ramsherd and Jeff from Ramsgab. The Rams bloggers unite for the major topic of Steve Spagnuolo's job security.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!.