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Thursday Night Football Thread - Photo Caption Contest



Welcome to a special edition of the Monday Thursday Night Football - Photo Caption Contest! Time once again to clear your minds of Rams dross, Tebow droning and the even more dreaded: Christmas shopping! Leave your angst at the door, because this is officially "Complaint Free Zone". If you want to lament about the Rams, there are other great article threads here at TST that will welcome you.

The prize for tonight's best Caption? How about a St. Louis Rams Duffle bag? (or other NFL team team bag if you are a visitor)



The winner of the Rams wristwatch for the November 28th contest for captioning this pic:



McShay: "Say, how often do you gel your hair?"
Kiper: "I don’t gel my hair…"
/puts on sunglasses
"I mel it."

Send me an e-mail with your delivery info, and I'll try to do better at getting you your prize than I did Sergey. The prizes for the November 21 contest are now on their way.

So access those few brain cells that aren't beer addled yet, and come up with what the ESPN crew is talking about tonight. Make sure you put "Caption Entry" in the subject line and you caption in the comment box. Failure to do so will make your entry void.

I will be the judge this week, so bribery is an option...

Ready? Set? ----- GO!