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NFL Coaching Rumors: Josh McDaniels A Tough Sell

"A quarterback sneak behind Tony Wragge? Perfect!"
"A quarterback sneak behind Tony Wragge? Perfect!"

Josh McDaniels' future as a coach ran for no gain into a wall of Seattle defenders on Monday night. Again and again and took the brilliant young offense coordinator six plays from the one-yard line before deciding that his 240 lbs running back, rather than his gimpy quarterback, might be the St. Louis Rams last hope for a touchdown. McDaniels displayed the logic and competency of a old Soviet bureaucrat tasked with sniffing out corruption.

Prior to the Rams feckless showing on Monday, league circles buzzed about the possibility of McDaniels as a candidate to replace Todd Haley in Kansas City, reuniting with his old buddy from New England, Scott Pioli. Now, it sounds like Pioli might recognize what a tough sell McDaniels would be after his flop in Denver and disastrous run in St. Louis.

According to Nick Wright of 610 AM in Kansas City, Pioli knows he can't sell McDaniels as a head coach to fans or the team's ownership. He does still reportedly like the idea of McDaniels as an offensive coordinator.

How McDaniels gets a lateral move after this season is enough to shake your faith in humanity. Only in the Politburo or the equally good-old-boy-driven NFL would a failure of this magnitude go unpunished, even rewarded. Missouri may be flyover country, but mindless rubes we are not.