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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Playmakers, Playmakers, Playmakers

Other than potential head coach and general manager turnover, there isn't much left to talk about for the 2011 St. Louis Rams. Once again, while other teams are making a run through the playoffs, we'll be talking about the draft. With that, how about another 2012 NFL Mock Draft for your discussion pleasure.

In all likelihood, the Rams will be picking second. There's still the chance that they could pick third, depending on how the rest of the season unfolds for the Minnesota Vikings, the league's only other two-win team at the moment.

I've said before that trading could very well be an option for the Rams next year. The new rookie salary schedule and a top-heavy group of quarterbacks might be enough to lure a team upward in the draft, which could benefit the Rams by giving them some additional picks to round out a depleted roster.

So let's take a look at a mock draft from our friends over at NFL Mocks that supposes a trade for the Rams.

This particular draft has the Chiefs trading their pick to move up to the Rams' third pick. In this mock, KC uses that pick for Matt Barkley.

Moving down to the 12th pick in the first round, the Rams select Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd.

Floyd's draft stock among the chattering classes is improving, but his off-field antics will be talked about until April.

What I do like about this pick is that it gets right at one of the Rams' biggest needs for the last three years: offensive talent. The team's failure to find adequate receivers and speed to pair with Steven Jackson is a big part of the reason the offense is the league's worst.

We'll see what happens when draft day comes, and who in the front office is running the draft, but the Rams need to add top flight talent at the skill positions this year. The days of trying to make an offense better than the sum of its parts are over.

Note from 3k at 3:49pm: Tomorrow, I'm posting a special playmakers big board that features buckeyefan55's top 16 playmakers as well as my own. Should be a good read.