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NFL Power Rankings Week 15 - Monday Night Footblah

Justin King hugs Michael Robinson after Monday night's loss. There is a joke to be made about tackling here...
Justin King hugs Michael Robinson after Monday night's loss. There is a joke to be made about tackling here...

It's kind of sad. The only thing keeping the Rams from being the obvious worst team in the NFL is Peyton Manning's injury. Whether or not Peyton comes back in 2012, I fully expect them to draft Andrew Luck at the top of the 2012 NFL Draft. Which means they'll be markedly better than they were this year.

The Rams won't get that much significant improvement out of a single draft pick or free agent. We should all be hoping that the cadre of Rams on IR come back healthy.

At corner, Ron Bartell, Bradley Fletcher and Jerome Murphy need to be properly evaluated. At WR, the Rams will have Danny Amendola and Greg Salas back. And who the hell knows what's going to happen with Rodger Saffold and Jason Smith in relation to the offensive line going into the 2012 preseason.

Regardless of who's coaching this team next year, the medical evaluation process (and how that affects the draft and free agency) could be the most crucial component off these next four months.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 31st (9)
Average change from last week 0.00
Highest ranking (source) 31st (still)
Lowest ranking (source) 31st (not going anywhere)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 (hello again)
Biggest negative change (source) 0 (change is scary)

SB Nation: 31st (31st last week)

Is this just a bad season for Sam Bradford? Is it injuries? Or is Sam Bradford bad? I didn't think I'd be asking that question.

The rest of the major power rankings after the jump.

ESPN: 31st (31st)

The Rams are 4-25 in their last 29 NFC West games dating to the 2007 season. 31st (31st)

Sam Bradford took his lumps Monday night, as did the Rams. The jury still is out on whether the former Oklahoma product is a quarterback whom the franchise can build around. Unfortunately, the broadcast mentioned the possibility of St. Louis taking a quarterback in the first round. You kiddin' me? Bradford was the No. 1 overall pick just a year and a half ago! While a sense of urgency is one thing, a complete lack of patience is quite another. Give the kid an O-line, and someone besides Brandon Lloyd who can make a play.

CBS Sports: 31st (31st)

This is the next team to clean house. The rumor is this is where Jeff Fisher winds up.

Pro Football Talk: 31st (31st)

Well, at least Steve Spagnuolo won’t be the second coach fired this year. Or the third.

Pro Football Weekly: 31st (31st)

Quarterback injuries the latest in an extremely disappointing season.

Fox Sports: 31st (31st)

Did I see a first-and-goal from the 2 yard line with Steven Jackson on the sideline followed by a QB sneak with a QB with what equates to one leg? I just don't get that.

National Football Post: 31st (31st)

The draft board in St. Louis should be loaded with WR prospects.

Sports Illustrated: 31st (31st)

That was both mind-boggling and absolutely painful watching the Rams repeatedly try to score from the Seattle 1 on Monday night. What exactly was Rams offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels thinking, calling all those pass plays when he has a Steven Jackson at his disposal? At one point, McDaniels didn't even have Jackson on the field in the goal-line offense. Sometimes coaches simply out-think themselves.