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Random Ramsdom 12/14: Is it wise to fire Spagnuolo?

It's one of the worst times to be a Rams fan. These last few games, starting with Monday's embarrassment, don't mean anything. The Rams are again back to playing meaningless football games. The good thing about this season is there are only three more games. Three more Sundays of watching this team get completely outclassed by mediocre NFL teams. The end can't come soon enough. On to the links.

Firing Spags could be a mistake

Brain Burwell of the Post-Distpatch makes the case that firing Spags could be a mistake. He said some coaches just need time to learn how to be a coach and learn from their mistakes. He gave the example of Belichick, but the problem is, Belichick had 34 wins in 4 years, but Spags only has 10 in 3. I think Stan would be hard pressed to keep Spags, but no one knows what he is thinking.

Bradford "very sore"

Sam Bradford has a very sore ankle after Monday's game. This comes with having to deal with a high ankle sprain. He might be limited in practice again this week and he might have to take another pain shot Sunday to play. The only way for these things to heal is time, but Sam obviously wants to play. I hope he doesn't injure it worse.

Rams redzone offense struggles again

The Rams had two situations where they had first down at the one yard line and again they struggled. Whenever your offense cannot score a TD from when they have Steven Jackson, you have to seriously question everything on the team, especially the play calling. Why did Josh call a bootleg with a QB with one good leg? I don't understand how the OC of the worst offense in the league could be rumored for head coaching jobs.

Aaron Nagler defends keeping Spags

Ramsherd had a great interview with Aaron Nagler, a long time Packers fan and according to Will from Ramsherd...

is a well-respected contrarian, a football thinker who banters regularly with the likes of Pro Football Talk's Gregg Rosenthal, Yahoo's Doug Farrar, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco and Mike Freeman, and other members of the hyperactive second tier of NFL cognoscenti that scurry around below the lofty thrones occupied by the likes of Adam Schefter and Peter King.

Nagler compare Spags to Green Bay's Mike McCarthy and says it would be a mistake to fire Spags. Many of the problem that Spags is having, compare to ones McCarthy had in the beginning of his career.

Overall, I'm still leaning toward firing Spags, but these two articles from today have changed my tone a bit. If he isn't fired, a massive overhaul of the coaching staff is still needed. One thing in Spags favor is that the players do still play hard for him, which is admirable considering the current situation, but he is still 10-35 as a coach. He won't be fired until at least after the season, and Stan still might not have made up his mind, but eventually a decision will have to be made. I'm just glad that I don't have to make that very tough choice.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!