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NFL Coaching Rumors: Rams Situation Could Be A Fit For Bill Cowher Or Jeff Fisher

The Miami Dolphins may already be eliminated from the Bill Cowher chase. According to a report from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, a well-placed league sources says that the former Steelers coach will not be a candidate in Miami. Cowher, like many of the other marquee coaching candidates, is said to want power over personnel decisions, rather than work with what a general manager hands him. That makes the St. Louis Rams situation a more interesting one as the head coaching carousel starts spinning.

It has been reported that Rams owner Stan Kroenke is looking for a new general manager, with incumbent Billy Devaney on his way out after the season. Changes to the structure of the Rams front office could give the Rams' job(s) some added appeal if they choose to pursue names like Cowher or Jeff Fisher.

The general manager arrangement would also seem to eliminate Jacksonville and Kansas City as possible destinations for those big names. Both the Chiefs and the Jaguars have general managers in place, and their seats won't start warming until next season.

St. Louis and San Diego are currently the only two spots where the general manager and head coaching positions are likely to be vacant at season's end. Things can and will change fast in the NFL. Indianapolis could decide to dump the Polians along with Jim Caldwell, for example.

The next six weeks should provide more than enough entertainment for starved fans of bad football teams.